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Speedy Service Guarantee

If you need something for an important event, the last thing you need is to worry whether or not the company doing the work will finish your order on time. But if you haven't dealt with that company before, how could you possibly know whether their promise to have your order completed on time actually means anything?

At UNION Buttons, Badges & More, we don't just make promises, we stand behind our promise with a GUARANTEE -- a guarantee that if your order isn't produced and shipped according to the terms of our Speedy Service Guarantee, your item will be FREE of CHARGE! (less shipping)

Our Speedy Service Guarantee is available on the following items, up to the quantities listed below:

Bumper stickers = up to 2500 bumper stickers.

Buttons / Badges = up to 1000 pin-back buttons

Business cards = up to 2500 business cards

Candidate information cards = up to 2500 candidate information cards

Event tickets = up to 1000 event tickets

Flyers = up to 1000 flyers.

Hard Hat stickers = up to 500 hard hat stickers.

Lapel Stickers = up to 5,000 lapel stickers.

Palm Cards / Push Cards = up to 1000 Palm Cards / Push Cards

Parking Permits = up to 500 parking permits.

Postcards = up to 1000 Postcards

Posters / Rally Signs = up to 500 posters / rally signs.

Vinyl Stickers = up to 500 vinyl stickers

Larger Quantities

If you need an item in a quantity that exceeds the quantity covered in our Speedy Service Guarantee, go ahead and give us a call. It's quite possible we can still produce and ship your order when you need it. However, it would not be covered under the "Speedy Service Guarantee".

Please note: The "Speedy Service Guarantee" refers to when the qualifying order will ship, not when the order will arrive.

Details regarding our Speedy Service Guarantee are listed below.

There are 3 steps
that MUST be taken to qualify for our Speedy Service Guarantee, so please read the following carefully.

Speedy Service Guarantee - 3 Steps

1. Submit your order by phone, mail, email, or by using one of our online order forms. We will then create a proof of your item and post it to a private area of our website.

2. View your online proof. If you are satisfied with how it looks, give us a call and speak to an Approval Department representative. Let them know you are calling to approve your design.

3. If you haven't done so already, provide our Approval Department representative with details on how you want your order shipped, where you want it shipped, and which credit card you'd like to use to pay for the order. When you provide this information, ask our Approval Department representive for a "Speedy Service Guarantee Number". Write this number down and keep it in a safe place, as you will need this number to place a claim under the Speedy Service Guarantee.

What our Speedy Service Guarantee covers
If we fail to ship your qualifying order within the time frame stated for your particular product , we will refund the full price of your item(s) less shipping charges.

Scenario #1 - You order 500 bumper stickers, followed the 3 steps outlined above, but for some reason we do not complete and ship your order as promised. In this case, you can keep the bumper stickers and we will refund the full cost of the bumper stickers (less shipping).

What it does not cover
Our Speedy Service Guarantee does not cover shipping delays while the package is in transit, or for delays caused by "Acts of God".

Scenario #2 - You order 500 bumper stickers and ask us to ship the order using _________ shipping company. We ship the order the next business day, according to your instructions, but due to a delay in delivery caused by weather conditions, your package doesn't arrive when it was anticipated. In this case, the Speedy Service Guarantee would not apply, since it was shipped on the day promised. Any claim for reimbursement would need to be made by you directly to the shipping company.

Scenario #3 - You order 500 bumper stickers stickers, but did not follow all the steps outlined above. For example, you didn't call and speak to a representative to approve the order (instead, you sent an email or left a voice mail), the credit card you provided was "declined", or you didn't ask for a Speedy Service Guarantee Number. In cases such as these, the Speedy Service Guarantee would not apply.

The reason we ask customers to obtain a Speedy Service Guarantee number is so there is no question when all the details needed to process your order have been provided.

We reserve the right to cancel orders, or refuse to produce orders, if:

artwork submitted contains copyrighted material for which the person submitting the order does not hold the copyright; the design submitted is highly offensive or libelous; or if for ANY reason we are unable to process orders (power outage, inability to access the Internet, Acts of God, etc).

We reserve the right to modify and/or discontinue this program at any time. During extremely busy times, we reserve the right to pause the program and not issue Speedy Service Guarantee numbers. However, once you receive a Speedy Service Guarantee number, you can rest assured your order will go out on time or your item will be FREE.

If you have any questions about our Speedy Service Guarantee, please feel free to give us a call.

Dr. Don's Online Button Designer

How to calculate your transit... You do not count the day of shipment & do not count weekends or Holidays.

Examples: (examples below, assuming no holidays during transit)

Next day Air (or 1 day ground transit) - shipped Friday, scheduled to arrive Monday
Next day Air (or 1 day ground transit) - shipped Monday, scheduled to arrive Tuesday

Second day Air (or 2 day ground transit) - shipped Friday, scheduled to arrive Tuesday
Second day Air (or 2 day ground transit) - shipped Monday, scheduled to arrive Wednesday

3 day Select (or 3 day ground transit) - shipped Friday, schedule to arrive Wednesday
3 day Select (or 3 day ground transit) - shipped Monday, scheduled to arrive Thursday

4 day Ground transit - shipped Friday, scheduled to arrive Thursday
4 day Ground transit - shipped Monday, scheduled to arrive Friday

5 day Ground transit - shipped Friday, scheduled to arrive following Friday

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