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The Weingarten Decision...
one of the most important protections union members can have

Weingarten card

In a landmark decision known as the "Weingarten Decision", the United States Supreme Court ruled that employees represented by a labor union who are called into an investigatory meeting may have a steward or union officer present during the investigatory meeting.

However, to receive the protections that are afforded by Weingarten, the employee MUST ask for a representative.

For additional information about the Weingarten decision, click here

Do your members know about the Weingarten decision?
Sadly, most union members have never heard of the Weingarten decision and don't even know they have this right.

And that's why every union member should carry a Weingarten card in their wallet or purse at all times. Having a Weingarten card and asking for a "Weingarten representative" could mean the difference between going it alone with management, or having a well-trained union representative by their side when they need it most.

You can have us print the Weingarten decision on the back of your business cards
Union officers and stewards who understand the importance of the Weingarten decision often ask us print the Weingarten decision on the back of their business cards and then pass them out to their members.

By carrying your business card in their wallet or purse, your members are far more likely to remember they have the right to ask for a union representative and of course, they will also have the information they need to contact you.

If you would like us to print the Weingarten decision on the back of your business cards, just let us know when placing your order.

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Pre-printed and custom-printed Weingarten cards
We also offer pre-printed and custom-printed Weingarten cards at a very affordable price. These cards are the same size as a business card and easily fit in a wallet or purse.

The pre-printed version of the Weingarten decision is shown above.

Weingarten cards... available for as little as a nickel a piece
With all the protections the Weingarten decision affords your members, it could be one of the most cost effective investments you and your union local ever make.

How to order pre-printed or custom-printed Weingarten cards
To order pre-printed or custom-printed Weingarten cards, simply use the order form below.


Weingarten card
Pre-printed Weingarten Cards

Easily fits in wallet or purse

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Weingarten Cards

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