Candidate Information Cards

Candidate Information Cards are similar to business cards in that they both measure 2" x 3-1/2". But instead of listing personal information (that you may not want prospective voters to have), Candidate Information Cards only list the information you do want them to have.

Your Candidate Information Cards could list the issues you stand for, or your qualifications. If you are running on a slate, your cards could list the names of the candidates that make up your slate. Or they could list contact information for your campaign.

In addition to whatever else you might place on your Candidate Information Cards, one of the most valuable things I believe you can place on your Candidate Information Cards is a Internet web address, where you can direct voters to learn more about you and your campaign.

Since Candidate Information Cards will easily fit in a wallet or a purse, you or your staff can always have a supply on hand and accessible whenever you need them. Their size makes it easy for prospective voters to keep it in their wallet or purse until it's time to cast their ballot, or access the contanct information listed on your cards.

As campaign materials go, Candidate Information Cards are inexpensive and can be produced in a very fast. In most cases, we can produce them and have them ready to ship 24 hours after you approve your design.


CIC Template 1

CIC Template 2

CIC Template 3

CIC Template 4

CIC Template 5

CIC Template 6

CIC Template 7

CIC Template 8

CIC Template 9

CIC Template 10 

CIC Template 11

CIC Template 12

CIC Template 13

CIC Template 14

CIC Template 15

CIC Template 16

CIC Template 17

CIC Template 18

Shown above are the Candidate Information Card templates we currently offer.

If you see a design you would like to use, simply enter your information in the form you find at the bottom of this page.

If you would prefer to have use your own artwork, go ahead and enter your information in the form below, but select the last option under "Choose A Template", which says, "Use My Artwork". Then send your artwork to

Our price, which is shown below, includes set-up and design for a text only Candidate Information Card. If you would like to include a photo, please add $20.00.





Single-sided Card




Double-sided Card





Union Label
If you would like to have the union label / union bug printed on your Candidate Information Cards, just ask. We are a union printer and we provide it at no additional charge.

Shipping methods...

We can ship your Candidate Information Cards using UPS, FED EX, or U.S. Mail.

If have any questions, please feel free to give us a call. Our customer service professionals will be happy to assist you and answer all your questions.

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